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About Us


A self Reliant Society based on Love, Justice, Unity and Peace.


Empower indigenous ethnic groups by promoting self reliance, awareness creation and people’s organisation.


To Communicate
To Empower
To Sustain


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To create awareness and mobilise the less privileged groups of the society and help them to improve their conditions and find solutions to their problems

To assist and train the animators to integrate , mobilize and develop human resources

To formulate and undertake different developmental projects on education , health, and agriculture for improving the socio economic status of the people

To collaborate with Government and other secular organisations to promote development for humanitarian activities

To undertake relief, rehabilitation and welfare services for the victims of flood, ethnic violence, fire etc as the situation demands

To initiate and undertake research, field study and documentation for better planning, monitoring, and evaluation of development activities.

Our Projects

Micro Project Community owned TARA pumps

Permanent drinking water sources in 5 rural tribal villages in Goalpara District, Assam. TARA hand pumps brings ‘a solution for water scarcity’ in 5 rural tribal villages in Goalpara district

Integrated Rural Development Programme

The project focuses on the holistic development of the Tribal communities of 23 rural villages of Baksa District in Assam.

Facilitating the Agricultural Regeneration Measures

The project is implemented in 16 villages of Demoria block, among 2000 marginal farming families under 4 Gaon Panchayat in Kamrup Metro district.

Integrated Development of Rural Tribal

The project is operated in 20 rural tribal villages of Nagaon District with the objectives of reducing illiteracy rate and school dropout rate of children,

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